Joel Goldman

Entrepreneur. Engineer. Foodie. Magician.

Joel Goldman is an aspiring entrepreneur at the University of Pennsylvania, obsessed with the unlimited potential of the Internet. In May of 2014 he will graduate from Penn with a degree in the new Networked and Social Systems Engineering, and minors in Engineering Entrepreneurship, Computer Science, and Mathematics.

Joel has interned at Microsoft, Timehop, and Lokalty. In his spare time he's designed and developed projects such as InstaMenu, a visual menu; Food Feed, a mobile app to show what people are eating nearby (currently in development); Mental Math, a tool to practice mental math skills; and two PennApps hacks, Social Development & Urban Responsibility, a project to help make Philadelphia the greenest city in America, and more recently, Just In Case, a mobile app designed to increase personal safety.

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What Have I Done?

Experience at Two Young Startups

At the time of my internships, both Timehop and Lokalty were less than one year old and had less than five employees. I contributed at a vital time in their development and learned from their challenges, mistakes and successes.

Technical Director at
Green Acorn

As Co-Director and Chief Technical Director, I designed and built the Green Acorn website, and currently manage the certification of new businesses. Green Acorn Business Certification & Eco-Consulting, a Penn startup founded by a team of three people in August 2009, is currently at twelve students and growing fast.

Side Projects such as InstaMenu

On a whim, I built the core functionality of InstaMenu in less than a day, and in my spare time take user feedback to constantly iterate and improve. I have experience building products for the Internet, and can execute on a vision quickly.

What Else Have I Built?

Urban Development & Social Responsibility

At PennApps (Spring 2013), the largest student run hackathon in the world, a fellow student and I built an engine to help the city of Philadelphia on its mission to become the "Greenest City in America." Through the analysis of over 1 million data points we recommended the most beneficial locations to plant trees, build new parks and install bike racks, leveraging relationships like the correlation between increased tree canopy and reduced crime.

"Hack that Makes a Difference" -eBay
"Most Innovative Use of Data" -Bloomreach
"Best Use of City Data" -City of Philadelphia

Mental Math

In an effort to help a friend prepare for interviews at trading firms, I built her an application to provide challenging mathematical problems in a variety of forms. For example, "What is X% of Y?" Try it out for yourself below, and remember, focus on both speed and accuracy.

What is...

5% of 640 = ?

The answer is...

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